We are your roof and energy generator - combined into one reliable product.
Ergosun tiles provide even greater strength and durability than normal concrete tiles. The solar component of each tile is very strong and affords the same durability as the highest quality concrete or clay roof tiles available.


Maintain the style and appearance of your home.
Unlike traditional glass PV panels that are mounted on top of your existing roof and compromise the character and appearance of your home, our tile look like regular roof tiles, blending seamlessly with non-solarized tiles used to complete the roof.


The cost, benefits and savings are attractive and practical.
From an investment standpoint, using Ergosun roof tiles provides both protection and clean, green power for your home. This is the best option available to protect your home from extreme weather while providing enhanced fire prevention and reliable energy for the home.

What is Ergosun™?

Ergosun is an ultra-thin solar membrane that is extremely lightweight but very strong. It is sized and coloured to match the host tile which can be any commercially available flat concrete or clay tile.

The Ergosun™ Process

The Ergosun Solar membrane is mounted on the tile with a special adhesive that will prevent the tile and membrane from ever separating. Through a small hole in the tile, a connection plug allows the tiles to be connected to each other with wires run between the roof deck and roof tiles.

The Ergosun solar membrane is designed to be paired with a “host tile.” The host tile can be any flat concrete or clay roof tile. We match the size and colour of the tile used in each area to take advantage of the local supply chain, distribution and building methods.

Available Ergosun™ Colors
The most popular roof tiles are charcoal grey and terracotta. The Ergosun solution can be paired with virtually any colour of roof tile as long as it is flat and readily used in the area.

Why Ergosun?

Consider the following benefits to adding Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles to your home:

  • Aesthetics.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost & Ease of Installation.
  • Types/style of residential roofs.
  • Scalability.
  • Energy Cost Savings.
  • Generate Income for the Homeowner.
  • Environmental/Green/Clean Energy Movement.
  • Self-Reliance (independence from the grid).
  • Reliability - Suffering Unreliable Power – Poor Grid, infrastructure, brown/black-outs.
  • Subsidies.
  • Regulations.
  • Climate.
  • Home value is increased.

Ergosun provides a solar roofing solution that achieves what other solar solutions cannot – an Ergosun installed roofing system looks identical to a standard tiled roof. In neighborhoods with strict aesthetic compliance regulations, an Ergosun roof blends with the traditional look of other residential roofs.

In fact, many designers, developers, area planners, homeowner associations and communities limit, discourage or do not allow glass PV panels to be mounted on surfaces visible from the street. Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles allow homeowners to realize all the advantages of a solar roof with the aesthetic of a beautiful tiled roof.

With the capability of producing 13 watts of energy for each square foot of roof area makes the Ergosun Solar Roof Tile an efficient generator of green, clean, renewable energy.

Cost & Ease of Installation
Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles can be installed by any roofing contractor competent in the installation of concrete or clay tile roofs. The installation requires no engineering, mounting hardware or special wiring contractors. The solar cells are connected and commissioned by your electrical contractor. No other system exists that is as simple as this.

Types/style of residential roofs
The Ergosun Roof Tile mixes seamlessly with regular non-solar roof tiles. If your roof is designed for concrete or clay roof tiles – Ergosun Solar Tiles can be used without any other modifications.

Because Ergosun Solar Roofing Tiles can be intermixed with tradition roof tiles on the same roof, you can determine the portion of your roof that will generate solar energy. An Ergosun roof can consist of a few tiles or thousands of tiles. The choice is yours. Each solar roof tile covers approximately one square foot or roof surface and produces 13 watts of energy. Fill the available space available or size to your budget; it’s up to you.

Energy Cost Savings
In many areas the cost of electricity is very expensive. Some areas have time-of-day surcharges, peak time premiums and other pricing schemes that make monthly electricity costs very high. Ergosun Roof Tiles are a good investment and viable means to reduce or eliminate energy costs for a home.

Generate Income for the Homeowner
In many areas that have high-energy costs, installing an Ergosun Solar Roof Tile system can generate income for the homeowner each month.

Environmental/Green/Clean Energy Movement
The green economy continues to gain acceptance with more and more mainstream consumers interested in the environmental impact of their consumption decisions. These consumers appreciate not only a clean energy source provided by Ergosun Roof Tiles but the elegant and sensible solution that meets their objectives in an aesthetically pleasing way while providing a carbon footprint that is 133 times lower than traditional PV Glass Panels.

Self-Reliance (independence from the grid)
In many parts of the world, consumers are choosing to go “off-grid” for economic, environmental and socio-political reasons. Solar energy is a key solution to achieve this objective.

Reliability - Suffering Unreliable Power – Poor Grid, infrastructure, Brown/black-outs
Some regions struggle to achieve a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity. Whether its power failures, routine brownouts or black outs, homeowners in such areas want a reliable, self-sustainable source of energy.

Many areas have subsidies available from Federal, State and/or local government programs as well as utility rebates, incentives, financing or other programs available to encourage solar adoption.

Some regions have simple permit and review processes in place to allow homeowners to install solar energy systems on their homes. Some areas have yet to adopt streamlined and inexpensive processes and this can cause delays, costs and frustrations to homeowners, builders and electrical contractors. Ergosun installations can avoid these impediments that exist for traditional solar installations.

Ergosun representatives create a solar plan for the homeowner’s roof to maximize clean energy generation based on, among other things, roof pitch, sun angle, shading etc. There are Ergosun Roof Tile installations in Sheffield, England and Vancouver, BC, Canada that produce clean and affordable energy for the homeowners in areas that do not have a lot of sunshine. Though the amount of sunshine will directly affect the return on investment, Ergosun systems can be cost effective, even in rainy climates.

Home value is increased
With reduced energy costs, the presence of a solar tiled roof will increase the value of the home and increase the salability of the home in the market. Who doesn’t put value on lower operating costs when looking for a new home?

Solarmass will manage the process from concept to completion. We can arrange for local contractors to install and commission your system.