Today, many homes are designed with an area designated for solar use. Normally this is noted on the drawings but no glass panels are drawn in to avoid the unsightly and unnatural appearance of large, rectangle glass panels bolted onto the roof.

To design a home to include Ergosun Solar Roof tiles there are no engineering or structural adjustments necessary to a home designed for concrete or clay roof tiles.

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles look like normal roof tiles, weigh the same as the other tiles and protect the same as regular roof tiles. It’s like using Solar Camouflage!

The only considerations are:

Style of Tile
We only use flat roof tiles for the host or base tile used for solarization into an Ergosun Solar Roof Tile. This allows the greatest energy efficiency.

Colour of Tile
Ergosun can be produced in a wide variety of colours to match the concrete or clay tiles used locally. The most common colours are charcoal grey and terracotta. For other colours, please contact us. If you can provide the manufacturer, model and colour of the tile you wish to use, we can confirm that it can be solarized.

Design Elements
For considerations of roof slope and other aspects, please see Designing a System.

Each solar tile on the roof is connected to each other using industry standard MC4 male and female connectors. From the roof area, a male and female cable runs below the tiles and into the attic through the open gap at the peak of the roof. This gap is then covered by the ridge cap. Therefore, no penetrations are needed in the roof, eaves or side of the home.