For builders, having Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles makes incorporating solar onto any residential project much more simple and streamlined. There are no engineering or structural adjustments necessary to a home already designed for concrete or clay roof tiles plus there is no need for any solar consultants, system engineers, solar installers or special electrical cabling or combiner panels.

The Ergosun Solar Tiles are installed by your roofing contractor and the wiring is all easily done by your designated electrical contractor.

3 Easy Steps

The house plans will show the tiled roof with the section(s) that will contain the solarized Ergosun Tiles, the pre-wiring and location of the inverter(s).

Step 1: Pre-Wire
While your home is being framed, a local electrician will pre-wire for the system. This will include mounting a junction box in the attic of the roof where the Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles will be located. From this junction box a cable is run to the location of the inverter.

Step 2: Roofing
When you are ready for the roof to be done, your roofing contractor will be supplied with the Ergosun Tiles required for the job. They will install the solarized Ergosun Roof Tiles while roofing the house as normal. The only additional step is for them to connect the tiles together using the MC4 snap connectors. Solarmass will provide any assistance the roofer may need during installation.

The last two wires from the end of the solarized roof tiles are fed through the peak of the roof.

Step 3: Inverter & Commissioning
When the home is at lockup stage, the electrician will return to connect the wires from the solar roof tiles to the cable in the junction box located in the attic, install the inverter and commission the system.

In most areas, the system can operational immediately to provide energy for the balance of construction and allow any excess power to be fed back to the grid and start building credits and savings for the home owner or the developer until the home is sold.

Solarmass can provide options such as construction financing or lease programs for homeowners who would prefer low monthly payments versus the upfront cost of the system.

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