Virtually any residential roofing company that installs concrete or clay tiled roofs can install Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles. They are a regular roof tile that has been solarized. The only technical difference is the connection plug on the back of each tile allowing each solar roof tile to be connected to one another using quick and strong MC4 snap connectors.

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles weigh, protect and look the same as regular roof tiles and the roofing process is almost identical to a normal roof installation.


  • The house plans will show the tiled roof with the section(s) to be tiled with solarized Ergosun Tiles as well as showing the pre-wiring and location of the inverter(s).
  • Once the brand and colour of tile to be used on the home is determined, Solarmass will then produce matching Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles.
  • Depending on the amount of solar energy required, the number of Solar Tiles will vary anywhere from 300 to as many as 800.

Supply & Installation

  • Solarmass will provide the roofing contractor with a large scale drawing detailing the layout of the solar tiles on the roof and the connections between each tile.
  • When the home is ready to be roofed, the Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles will be shipped to the designated roof supply yard to be delivered with the other non-solarized tiles or be sent directly to the building site.
  • The solarized Ergosun Roof Tiles will be loaded onto the roof area according to the drawing and will be installed along with the rest of the tiles on the roof.
  • The only additional step is to connect the tiles together using the MC4 snap connectors. Solarmass will provide any assistance needed during installation.
  • Finally, the last two wires from the end of the solarized roof tiles are fed through the peak of the roof.

This completes the solar tile installation. The balance of work is done by the electrician.