Utility Scale

Solar panels are ideal for utility scale solar farms in remote areas. The one drawback to having large utility-scale solar arrays remotely located is the need to have all the energy produced sent long distances over power lines resulting in Line loss that can be up to 30%.

A better way to help save our planet and better manage our energy is to design and operate distributed energy systems. This maximizes efficiency by producing electricity where it is needed rather than sending it over costly and in-efficient transmission lines. Power loss is minimized, energy needs are met and demand on infrastructure is reduced.

Residential Communities

A significant drawback to building smart, energy efficient residential communities designed to share energy from solar is the unsightly and unappealing visual pollution large glass PV panels have. Nothing can ruin the look of a beautiful home and a residential community more than covering all the roof tops with glass solar panels.

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles provide solar energy while maintaining the traditional look and beauty of the home and the community. Solar can be functional and elegant.

Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles are interchangeable with normal concrete or clay roof tiles. Having homes produce green energy to cover the household demand while providing extra power for other homes, community needs (such as street lights or equipment), stored for nighttime use or to be sold back to the grid allows the wonderful benefits of solar power without compromising the look of the neighborhood.

With Ergosun, we can build SMART & BEAUTIFUL.

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