For many homeowners, the thought of bolting large glass PV panels on their home is not a welcomed idea. Most homes are not designed to incorporate PV panels without seriously compromising the look of the home and, in most cases, the entire community.

That is where the Ergosun Solar Roof Tile comes in. It looks like a regular roof tile, is installed like a regular roof tile, it offers the superb protection and longevity of a quality concrete or clay roof tile while also providing solar energy for the home.

In today’s world, there is no better energy generation system than distributed solar energy installed on homes. It allows the production of electricity right where it’s used without the costly need for transmission lines which further erode the aesthetics of our communities and suffer significant energy loss during transmission.

If you are planning to build using concrete or clay tiles there is nothing to do except decide what size of system you want. Even on smaller sized homes it is easy to fit almost any size of solar energy system using Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles.

Example based on a 2,000 Sq. Ft, roof:

  • This roof would require about 2,000 field tiles to cover the entire roof. Some end tiles would be cut to fit around the perimeter and End and Ridge Caps would be added as well.
  • You decide you would like a 10 kW system (normally the largest residential system permitted in most areas).
  • Using Ergosun Solar Tiles, you would divide the system size in watts (10 kW = 10,000 watts) by 13 watts (the amount of energy each Ergosun Solar Tile can produce). In this example, you would need 770 Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles (10,000/13 = 770). For a smaller 4 kW system we would use 308 Ergosun Solar Tiles (4,000/13 = 308).
  • The remainder of the roof would be covered with 1,230 regular tiles (2,000 – 770 = 1,230).
  • Depending on your location and the design of your home, our Ergosun Solar Tiles would be colour-matched to the regular tiles your contractor sources from their local supplier.
  • The 770 Ergosun Solar Tiles would be installed on the area of the roof most conducive to maximizing the efficiency to generate power. This is normally the south or south-west exposure of the roof. In areas closer to the equator, East and North-facing areas are used as well.
  • The location for the inverter will also be determined. Normally this is in the garage or in the same room as the electrical panel but it can be installed almost anywhere convenient.
  • While your home is being framed, a local electrician will pre-wire for the system. This will include mounting a junction box in the attic of the roof where the Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles will be located. From this junction box a wire is run to the location of the inverter.
  • When the home is ready to be roofed, the roofing contractor will arrange to have all the tiles required to complete the entire roof along with the 770 Ergosun Solar Roof Tiles.
  • Two wires from the end of the solarized roof tiles will be fed through the peak of the roof and connected to the wires in the pre-installed junction box.
  • When the home is at lockup stage, the electrician will return to install the inverter and commission the system.
  • When Wi-Fi is available in the home, we will provide online access and a mobile App to monitor the performance of your solarized roof.

What else do you need to consider? See: Designing a System.
More common questions are answered on our FAQ page.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is have basic drawings of your home and contact us.
Once we establish the size of system you want and the type of roof tile you plan to use, we can provide a quote for a complete system that includes installation. The quote is valid for 90 days to allow you time to discuss with your architect, designer and/or builder.

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